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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Seed Box at Riverview Antique Mall

If you happen to be local here in the
Springfield, Ozark, Branson area
or planning a trip here,
we wanted to let you know that The Seed Box Antiques
has a permanent space at
Riverview Antique Mall
in Ozark, Missouri,
909 W. Jackson St.

Ask for their location at the front desk.

Come by Riverview Antiques,
and see some of their great finds
 and enjoy browsing the rest of the mall.

And for those of you new to this shop blog,
I'm helping Meloney and Brian out with posting for them.
They read and appreciate the comments
and you can reach them thru email or phone
if you have any shop or show questions.

Thanks a bunch!


  1. LOVE the Sunbeam sign! If I lived closer, I do believe that sign would have to come home with me. Great displays.

    Take care, Sue

  2. Hi guys! I've been thinking about making a trip to your space here lately so I appreciate the preview. I so miss my favorite shopping stop...Hope you all are having successful shows and enjoying the summer.

  3. Lovely things..wish I lived nearby!

  4. What a great eye candy! I can't even pick what I like best! Lezlee

  5. Debra
    Your a good friend to post these great pictures for The Seed Box Antiques. I will be checking out their new booth at Artichoke Annies @ Millersburg Exit.

    I love the 4 little green metal chairs, they would look so cute around a glass top table.

    I will be down Branson next week, I will be looking for Riverview antiques.

    Janice in Missouri


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